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ZBROZ EXIT X1 Mountain Series Rear Shocks were designed for riders who want the performance and reliability of coilover gas shocks and compression and rebound adjustability. Built to endure the toughest terrain and climates with hard anodized wear resistance on all surfaces, Billet 7075 high flow valving pistons, Billet 6061 valving assembly and flow friction wear bands. Now you can dial in your ride at the click of a button.

Our X1 Rear Shock comes equipped with compression adjustability built in allowing you to customize the settings to meet your individual needs. You can adjust the shock's compression settings to match your riding style and the terrain you are riding on. This provides a personalized riding experience that is tailored to your preferences.



    o   1.5" Shock Body I.D.

    o   1.5" Reservoir Body I.D.

    o   Compression Adjustability

    o   Hard Anodized for Extreme Wear Resistance on all surfaces

    o   Billet 7075 High Flow Valving Piston

    o   Billet 6061 Valving Assembly

    o   Flow Friction Wear Band

    o   5/8" Micro Polished Chrome Shaft

    o   Delrin Crossover Spring Divider

    o   High-Performance Closed Cellular Foam Bump Stop

    o   Advanced Seal Head Technology

    o   Black High Tensile Wire Springs

    o   Billet 6061 Eyelets





Exit X1 Rear Track Shock Polaris RMK -17"

Only 2 left in stock
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